Java Beer Events

ScalePatrick's Java Beer in Plovdiv

Where: Groove Music and Art, Plovdiv

When: 17 March 2018 @ 19:00


To all Java enthusiasts and beer lovers!

Can you think of something better than a pot of gold? What about a jug of beer?

On the 17th of March we will combine the old Irish tradition for the Saint Patrick's Day with the most exciting IT Beer event in Bulgaria to experience one more unforgettable Java Beer night.We will drink beer, sing Irish and talk about Java. :)

The event will follow the whole-day JProfessionals on tour: Plovdiv, second edition event.

Fun is guarantied because ScaleFocus will provide the beer and treats and also the good mood and company. Many surprises, inspired by Saint Patrick's Day, are waiting for you! Join us!


Java Beer at Kotka & Mishka, Plovdiv

Where: Cat and Mouse, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

When: 12 January 2018 @ 19:30


Here comes our first Java event for 2018, where we can drink one-of-a-kind craft beer and talk about our biggest passion - Java! We welcome everyone to come and join us - professional programmers or just Java fans.

Our kind friends MentorMate will take care again of the beers and the awesome surprises, while we chat about the latest technologies in Java, meet some new friends or just share our passion with people like us!

Don’t forget to bring your good mood and... cheers!


Java Beer at "KANAAL", Sofia - Part 2

Where: Kanaal, Sofia, Bulgaria

When: 05 December 2017 @ 19:00


The next Java beer is here - this time we talk about Java and SAP.

The Topic: Java and Scalable Cloud Services and other new technology trends

Come and grab a beer and join us as we discuss the trending topics in the IT world. We look forward to inspiring conversations and making some new connections in the industry.

SAP Labs Bulgaria
SAP works with over 355 000 customers in more than 190 countries and has more than 87 100 employees from 150 nationalities. Established 17 years ago, the development center SAP Labs Bulgaria is one of the key subsidiaries of SAP SE. The company has over 730 developers working on software development and the latest SAP in-memory and cloud technologies.

Receive a surprise gift by registering on our link with your Linkedin profile.
Register with passcode: SAPNetworking17


Java Beer at "KANAAL", Sofia

Where: Kanaal, Sofia, Bulgaria

When: 16 November 2017 @ 19:00


Beer is the perfect ingredient for social experiences and for a year proved to be good fit for Java talks as well.

It all started with ScaleFocus. ? One year later we will reunite the cast to open the new season. The usual suspects are our friends from ScaleFocus and KANAAL, the date is 16th of November. Join us for a beer, Java chat and geek moments. The night will be full of surprises. Get ready!


Java Beer at “Cat and Mouse” Craft Beer Bar, Plovdiv

Where: Cat and Mouse, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

When: 28 September 2017 @ 19:30


Do you know what’s better than one beer? – two beers and some Java talking! And even more from both!

To all Java fans - we are more than happy to invite you to the 4th edition of Java Beer in Plovdiv. The event will take place in “Cat and Mouse” Craft Beer Bar in Plovdiv on 28th of September and the food and drinks will be kindly provided by our friends - Vertinity Labs Ltd.

If you have already attended a Java Beer event, you know we like Java, beer and networking. For those of you who have never been to one of the events before, come and enjoy the refreshing drinks, fine beers, tasty snacks and JAVA talks among friendly people in this comfort and cozy place in the heart of KAPANA.


JavaBeer at 65 Fireflies!

Where: 65 svetulki, sofia, Bulgaira

When: 22 August 2017 @ 18:30


BG JUG turns 10 and the grande Java Beer is on and poppin'. Cheers! JUG joins forces with Software AG to invite you to come to the b-day party in the coolness of 65 svetulki on August 22, at 18:30h.

Come and chill with lots of beer, stronger drinks, awesome snacks (and save some space for the homemade pizza!). In the glow of the fireflies, you will also find lots of presents and surprises, courtesy of Software AG. If you win our raffle, you'll need to come up with a good plan where to play with your new GoPro at the close of summer.

Java Beer goes hand in glove with technologies, so we'll chat about the latest and greatest hypes, a subject on which Software AG has some interesting stuff to say.


JavaBeer at Quester's qBalkon

Where: Sofia, Hebrik Ibsen 17

When: 19 July 2017 @ 19:00


Dear friends!

We are glad to inform you, that in order to beat the heat in the middle of the hot July, the next Java beer will take place at the awesome qBalkon and our hosts will be the guys from Questers (watch the video: )!

The cold beer, the “one-time” sunset view, plus some foosball games will be from us and the topics- from you! We’ll be very happy to discuss all kind of topics (such as Java, beer, Java beer…: -)) The date is the 19th of July- Wednesday, a.k.a. “the little Friday”. You are all invited from 19:00 onwards at QBalkon (Questers’ office, Henrik Ibsen str. 17, the 5th floor). Be prepared also for some other surprises and a light snack for the selection of beers we have prepared for you! ??

Looking forward to meeting you there!


Java Beer at Club Fargo, Plovdiv

Where: Club Fargo, Plovdiv

When: 28 June 2017 @ 19:00


Summer is almost here, so allow us to invite you to have cold beers or some good cocktails together before we dive into more sunny activities!

Java User Group and Proxiad Bulgaria unite again to have a java-evening full of good vibes, nice people and casual conversations about the latest trends in the Java and the tech world.

Join us on June 28th at 19:00, the place is Fargo Club (1 Gladston str.).


JavaBeer at Murphy’s Irish Pub

Where: Shipka Street 48, Sofia, Bulgaria

When: 11 May 2017 @ 19:00


Anyone up for beer and surprises? Join us for a special Java Beer get-together next Thursday, 11 May.

Our hosts from VMware will give us a different Java Beer experience and invite all Java lovers to Murphy’s Irish Pub.

Come along to chat about latest trends in the Java & dive into a selection of Irish beers and snacks.


JavaBeer in Veliko Tarnovo

Where: Powwow Club, Nish street 3, Veliko Tarnovo

When: 29 April 2017 @ 19:00


After the successful completion of  jProfessionals on tour - Tarnovo, it is the @ VT turn on April 29th 2017 (Saturday), 19.00h.

The event will be hosted by Osceola Ltd. and their exclusive Powwow Club. The venue is the Cybar (3, Nish str., Veliko Tarnovo), where we can use the unique and relaxed atmosphere of the place to sum up the day and in informal talks discuss what we learned and the new ideas that inspired us. With the cold beer, the cool music and the warm welcome of our hosts we can have more talks with the people we met during the JProfessionals conference.

Even if you can't make it to Veliko Tarnovo edition of JProfessionals, you are welcome to join us. is where we want you to share with all others your experience during the day.

The beer is provided by POWWOW Club and you are welcome to enjoy it!

POWWOW is an exclusive social club. A club that brings together different people to enjoy their time, to feel safe and relaxed, satisfying fundamental human needs. (n.b. Max Neef)

POWWOW is a space where the culture is made by its members!

CYBAR, Kraftmagnet and DoDo Academy – the club provides all-under-one-roof environment where interesting people cross paths and in real communication they create new human synergies.

Learn more on or follow the events at


JavaBeer in Plovdiv

Where: Kotka i Mishka Craft Beer Bar, Plovdiv

When: 21 April 2017 @ 19:30


What is the best possible end of "long" work week?

Of course it is nice talk with other Java developers and variety of beer.

Welcome to our second edition of Java.Beer in Plovdiv. This time it will take place in "Cat and Mouse" on 21st of April at 19:30.

You will enjoy a variety of beer and pizza provided by N3 and dSoft-Bulgaria Ltd. And to make it more interesting, there will be raffle with different prizes.


JavaBeer at Raffy Bar Gelato Park

Where: Raffy-Bar-Gelato-Park

When: 23 March 2017 @ 19:00

Description: A day shouldn’t pass by without beer!

Don’t miss next Java Event! Come and join us on Thursday, 23rd at 19.00 in the newly opened Raffy Bar, Sofia Tech Park.

Java fans will have the opportunity to share information on JDK9 next release, discuss the future of the new BGJUG site or even comment the forthcoming Java events in Sofia. To make the most of this event, beer and tasty appetizers will be provided thanks to CSC Bulgaria sponsoring.


JavaBeer at Kanaal

Where: KANAAL, bulevard "Madrid", Sofia

When: 09 March 2017 @ 19:00

Description: Here comes another Java event with great beer and networking. And once again - we will talk about Java!

You are more than welcome to come at 'Kanala ( this Thursday (March 9) from 19:00 and to enjoy a variety of beer and nice atmosphere. MentorMate will take care of the drinks, but not only this - interesting surprises are waiting for you.

We are looking forward to seeing you there :)


JavaBeer at Boom Burgers & Booze

Where: 12 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria

When: 19 January 2017 @ 19:00


Happy New Year everybody!

The Holidays have just ended and that’s cool ‘cause it’s time for the first JavaBeer edition for 2017.

The Date will be 19th of January and the place: Boom Burgers & Booze (12 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.). We will drink vintage beer (but not only), we will talk about Java (and some other stuff), and we will meet new hopefully J interesting people.

Our kind friends HRS Bulgaria will provide for the booze and some surprises. All we need to bring is our good mood.


JavaBeer in Plovdiv

Where: Jägerhof, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

When: 03 December 2016 @ 20:00


After long day at jProfessionals on tour - Plovdiv with great sessions, it is time to have some Plovdiv edition of on December 3rd 2016 (Saturday).

Our place this time is Jägerhof (4, Saedinenie str., Trakia, Plovdiv), where we can discuss what we will learn during the JProfessionals conference and will have chance for more talks with the great people we will meet during the conference day.

Even if you can't make it to Plovdiv edition of JProfessionals, you are welcome to join us. is where we want you to share with all others your experience during the day. To discuss everything you are interested from and find others who like same things like you.

The beer is provided by dSoft-Bulgaria and we are sure you will enjoy it.


JavaBeer at Birabar

Where: Birabar, Sofia, Bulgaria

When: 14 November 2016 @ 19:00

Description: We’re kicking off a very exciting Java week with the third edition of on November 14th 2016 (Monday).

This time, our place is Birabar (4, Paris str.), and the event is a wonderful opportunity for all java professionals and enthusiasts to gather together and discuss interesting subjects in a casual manner.

Looking for a reason to join us? Well, firstly, we don’t have any boundaries – we will support some cool things, we could even hate a little and mostly we will share some valuable experience.

And last but not least - Proxiad is taking care of the beer, and they know what they’re doing!


JavaBeer at Vitamin B

Where: vitamin b, sofia, bulgaria

When: 27 October 2016 @ 19:00


Lovestruck by the stupendous success of the first ever edition of at the Kanaal, we, the quite overexicited java fans to have another shot of Java! Yeey!

Quite eagerly thus, we would like to warmly welcome you for some cold beers and hot java at "Vitamin B" on October 27th at 19:00!

We'll drink and chat and geek and gossip aaaaand..... it's gonna be awesome!

You'll like it! Come talk to us, we do online retail, industrial automation, robotics, 3D vision, AI, hmmm, we like new stuff...

(Don't forget to tell a friend!)

Oh, we'll have a raffle and some fine British ales are going to find their new owners!


JavaBeer by ScaleFocus

Where: Kanaal, Sofia, Bulgaria

When: 29 September 2016 @ 19:00


Bulgarian Java User Group would like to invite you to the first of many Java Beer events. Exactly! We will drink beer and talk about Java, everyone is welcome - programmers, developers or just java fans. The idea behind this event is to make regular events where we can discuss (while drinking beer) Java news, events, gossips, companies or some interesting startups or even angels and investors, what we will talk about will be decided on the event.

First event will be held on 19:30 on 29 of September at KANAAL (bul. Madrid 2 Sofia, Bulgaria) .

For the event we would like to thank to our event sponsor ScaleFocus which will be covering the beers and other surprise gifts.
Bring your good mood on!:)


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